October 2017 – January 2018
“FinTech – The Future”
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ISDC – International Skill Development Corporation is a leading education and skill development Organization with a vision of bridging the global skill gap between academia and industry by developing qualifications on demand. It imparts a set of Skill Development Activities through its structured plan and aims at Developing Skills for Tomorrow. The operation includes various Skill Development Projects, Professional and Vocational Education Activities, International Schools and Colleges, Professional and Corporate Trainings, Consulting and Research & Development. It is one of the fastest growing education brands in India; having nationwide presence; 12,000 students and over a million learners with a team size of 130 on board.

Being the fastest growing Educational organization in India; ISDC works with an excess of 80 Leading Universities and Colleges for innovative and industry relevant Undergraduate / Postgraduate programs in various disciplines such as Accounting & Finance, IT, Applied Science, Media and Entertainment, Logistics & Supply Chain, Marketing …etc.


Kerala Business Challenge (KBC) is the flagship initiative from International Skill Development Corporation(ISDC) conducted annually to identify the intellectual talents with scholastic aptitude and analytical skill from the higher education segment in Kerala. This object is attained by offering a unique platform to the final year degree students of Commerce, Business and Technology domains pursuing studies in the State to prove their competency in a Case Study Competition. The teams selected for the final round are offered with the opportunity to win rewarding scholarships and international exposure.

The Final Round of KBC is scheduled to be held in February 2018. Student teams have to collaboratively analyze and carry out presentation on a given topic and respond to questions posed by a panel of judges. The experience promises to challenge student’s analytical skill and to enhance awareness about the changes in the global economic and business environment.

Who Can Participate ?

Final Year Students of B.Com/BBA/BBM/B.Tech who pursue studies in Kerala; having flair in Business &Technology are eligible for participating at KBC.

Any Number of Teams can register from a College but each Team should consist of Four Students.For Registration; Please contact: + 91 974 4664 555 Or kbc@isdcglobal.org.

Preliminary Round

The Registered Teams for the competition are advised to submit a brief power point presentation and a report on “FinTech – The Future“ which has to be send to kbc@isdcglobal.org as per the instructions received on Registration. 10 best Teams will be short listed and will be invited for the Mega Final at Kochi on February.

Detailed Rules & Regulations will be sent to the Registered Teams.

The Mega Final

Mega Finals of KBC will be conducted at Kochi in the Second Week of February 2018 where 10 Teams fromthe Preliminary Level are given the opportunity to compete. The Finalists are asked to analyse a case of a FinTech Company and come out with a detailed Report on the Case and Power Point Slides 7 Days before the event. Ten Minutes is given to each team for presentation and 10 minutes to answer the judging panel.The evaluation is based on Detailed Report, Presentation and Performance in the Q&A Session.

Detailed Rules & Regulations will be sent to the Finalists.

Prize : -

  • Winner gets Cash Prize of Rs. 3,00,000
  • First Runner Up gets Cash Prize of Rs. 2,00,000
  • Second Runner Up gets Cash Prize of Rs. 1,00,000

What is Financial Technology (FinTech)?

Financial Technology (FinTech) is here – sweeping through finance and, if some proponents are to be believed,threatening traditional edifices that have stood for centuries. This great surge is being fronted by a host of newstart-ups taking their lead from the big tech innovators. Their maverick approach is helping to push the FinTech industry into new territory across the financial services landscape, raising billions of dollars and worrying the incumbents. So what are the main trends and driving forces shaping FinTech today? FinTech start-ups span the spectrum of financial services, from lending and advice to foreign exchange and payments. One aspect that many of them share is strong growth: thousands of per cent in some cases. Not surprisingly, this has been attracting attention from investors. And as technologies evolve at pace (did someone say blockchain?), the potential for further disruption is ever present. New technology means new banks. Without the need for bricks, mortar or even physical money, many start-ups are changing perceptions of what a bank can, and should, be.

Many of these new banks have appeared in the UK, owing to the country's FinTech pull. FinTech is changing not only how banks operate, but also the way people invest. By sidelining financial advisers, FinTech firms reduce the cost of investing and make it simpler. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are presaging deeper disruption. The technology that underpins bitcoin – blockchain – could transform the way in which many financial transactions are conducted. From trading shares to wiring remittances, intermediaries, upon whose security and technology everyone once relied, are becoming redundant. Some commentators believe the banks are finished, while others see this as their chance to fight back. Most big banks lack the agility of smaller rivals and still rely on legacy IT systems that are outmoded and unwieldy. Nevertheless, they are also trying to adjust to the potential of FinTech by acquiring challengers, or, increasingly, finding ways to collaborate with nimbler new entrants. Regulation could turn out to work in the banks' favour

The FinTech upstarts face a raft of legislation that, depending on jurisdiction, limits what they can do. Nonetheless, regulation itself is under constant review and some countries, including the UK, are supporting innovators and entrepreneurs – and the banks – as they navigate the rules. The Regulation Technology (RegTech) sector, made up of firms that provide technology solutions to enable better compliance with regulatory requirements, is also set to play a significant role in redefining the landscape. For professional accountants, helping companies manage the regulatory, tax and financial implications of the FinTech surge offers considerable opportunity. The banks and many professional accountancy firms are starting to adapt. Likethe rest of the financial services sector, all professional accountants and other finance professionals will need to engage with the wider opportunities presented by the digitisation shift and continue to provide analysis that helps companies understand the value they are creating.


Kerala Business Challenge 2K17 (KBC2K17) Paper Presentation Competition Winners.

St. Joseph's College, Devagiri, Calicut - Mega Winner of KBC2K17 Paper Presentation Competition, receiving the trophy from Mr. Krishnakumar Ananthasivan, Chartered Accountant with over 17 years of professional experience in providing Accounting & Assurance services and in charge of Grant Thornton (GT), Kochi office.

St. Joseph's College, Devagiri, Calicut Team Members: Sreelakshmi Suresh, Hiba Fathima, SreegangaPadmakumar & Abdul Zaian.

Topic: Impact of FinTech Payment Platforms in Traditional Banking System in India.

Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies - First Runner-Up of KBC2K17 Paper Presentation Competition, receiving the cash prize of Rupees Two Lakh from Mr. Gopakumar, Research and Teaching Associate IIM Ahmedabad & Assistant Professor in General Management at SCMS Cochin.

Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies Team Members: Nikhitha Joseph, Aleena Babu, Astrin Jose & Roy Baby Thachil.

Topic: Crypto-Currency - Whether a Boom or Curse to Economy?

Govt Arts & Science College Kozhinjampara, Nattukal - Second Runner-Up of KBC2K17, receiving the cash prize of Rupees One Lakh from Asif Basheer, CEO of Chillar Payment Solutions.

Govt Arts & Science College Kozhinjampara, Nattukal Team Members: Nandagopan S N, Jishnu P H, Sruthi S & Reshma S Nair.

Topic: Influence of FinTech in the Investment Habits of Individuals.

Tagline Contest Winners of Kerala Business Challenge (KBC2K17). During the competition, students were given an opportunity to suggest an alternative tagline for Paytm. From all the entries, best five were selected and rewarded with Rupees Ten Thousand each as Cash Prize.

"Why go to an ATM?... When you can Paytm"

Caleb John - Chinmaya Vidhyalayam (Tripunithura, Ernakulam)

"One App Pay All"

T Dhanush - Shine College (Trivandrum)

"Wallet at your Home Paytm in your Pocket"

Rethika R - Govt College Chitoor (Palakkad)

"Paisa Ka Dhusara Nam"

Ashhad Z - Bharath Matha College (Thrikakkara, Ernakulam)

"Buy Your Dreams"

Jismi Joseph - Assumption College (Kottayam)